Development Services

Design development

Project permits and approvals



Pre-opening operations

Design Development 

Preparing for success

  • Program development, efficiency evaluations
  • Procuring design professionals with specific deliverables
  • Procuring and master planning best use of site
  • Expediting city/county permits and approvals
  • Developing a structure for financial solutions
  • Providing the construction team
    • Maximizing resources with a first-class team to execute the required services
  • Optimizing the procurement process
  • Developing the strategic logistics plans and detailed scheduled
    • Identifying buyout procurement, construction and specific milestones

Construction Services

Preparing for success

  • Virtual design and construction (VDC) throughout for successes
  • Preconstruction experience (estimating, bidding, etc.)
  • Construction experience (budget and schedule certainty)
  • Understanding your needs:
    • Managing tax benefits
    • Ensuring project creates interior opportunities
    • Assisting in maintaining TERO involvement

Operations Management

Optimizing gaming floor through design

Government and regulatory compliance

Food and beverage operations

Maximizing Returns

  • Optimizing each business segment
    • Gaming floor
    • Hotel operations
    • Food and beverage
    • Other amenities
    • Back of house
  • Right sizing the organization
  • Efficient and sensible financial management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Providing and advancing employment value opportunities


Strategic planning


Account management

Creative development

Media planning and buying

Digital and social media

Interactive design and development

Direct marketing


Osceola Group Marketing, a division of Osceola Group, is Native-owned and combines the expertise of Walz Tetrick Advertising and Osceola Group to provide full-service marketing, media and creative communications to a wide variety of Native businesses, with an emphasis on hotels and gaming. OGM exists to help Native-owned businesses build meaningful, emotional connections between their brands and prospective customers.

OGM understands the challenges and opportunities of today’s fast-changing consumer and media marketplace, and we are specifically knowledgeable in the experience-driven gaming and hospitality categories.

Osceola Group Marketing

OGM’s combination of experience and talent makes us a results-driven agency that works relentlessly to freshen, protect, promote and elevate your brand, helping you tell your story in a way that inspires your audiences and moves people to act. Here are just a few core services to aid in that effort.


Whether you’re talking about a short-term local promotion or a national campaign, exceptional marketing begins with shrewd strategy. We sort through market conditions, product attributes, consumer trends and competitive pressures to discover the kind of human insights that lead to successful campaigns.


How will you get noticed in the sea of advertising clutter we’re all exposed to every day? And once you are seen, how can you create the long-term relationships that build real customer value? The answer is outstanding, award-winning creative that taps into human emotions and gives your customers permission to trust you. With expertise in TV, print, outdoor, radio, direct mail and interactive, you can count on us to get those relationships started.


Account management is designed to provide mission-critical business intelligence, marketing plan development, success measures and total control of advertising and marketing programs. Staffed with a solid mix of seasoned veterans and talented associates, our account management teams are brand advocates, account planners, sounding boards and strategic planners, accountable to getting it done for your brand.


Media isn’t all about saving dollars and cents. It’s about reaching consumers in a way that makes sense. Financially and emotionally. Along the way we’ll stretch your budget much further than you ever imagined anyone could. But we’ll also make sure that the message doesn’t just get exposed. We’ll make sure the audience becomes engaged.


From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and YouTube, everyone’s posting, tweeting and sharing. But what most don’t realize is the power of two-way communication. The key isn’t what you say to your fans. It’s what your fans say to you — and about you. If you have a question about social media, we can give you the answer.


Easy answers aren’t good enough, especially when it comes to the challenges that our clients face every day. That’s why our research gets to the deeper questions, going beyond the easy, close-to-the-surface answers. We seek to mine those insights that contain the next new truth for your organization. Ultimately, these insights evolve into breakthrough creative that motivates people and inspires them to act.


Delivering interactive solutions that truly make a brand difference requires a comprehensive understanding of all facets of development. We view the digital space as a brand ecosystem — knowing that online strategies must be integrated to be successful. We are experts in helping our clients navigate the complete website development lifecycle — from discovery and strategic planning through website deployment and measurement.


Finding that intersection of emotion and relevance for consumers requires the use of analytical insights and experience in all forms of communication. The rapid evolution of direct marketing points to “direct” no longer being defined by a set of tactics, but by a mindset — a mindset that values deliberate choices about costs, targeting and return on investment; relies heavily on segmenting customers, aggressively testing, targeting and delivering relevant messages; and relentlessly analyzes results to make decisions about how to best reach customers, drive sales and grow brands.